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Triglide® is indicated, as an adjunctive therapy to diet, for primary hypercholesterolemia, mixed dyslipidemia and severe ​hypertriglyceridemia. It has been proven effective in improving each of the key measures of the lipid profile, lowering LDL-C, TG and Total-C, and raising HDL-C.

Chart showing Triglide Fenofibrate effect on Hypercholesterolemia
Chart showing the Triglide Fenofibrate effect on mixed dyslipidemia
Chart showing the Triglide Fenofibrate efficacy in reducing Hypertrigylceridemia_350mg
Chart showing the Triglide Fenofibrate efficacy in reducing Hypertriglyceridemia_500mg


During 2016, 650 million doses of fenofibrates were prescribed in the US2.

First introduced into clinical practice in France in 1975, fenofibrates became one of the most commonly used fibrates worldwide, marketed in 86 countries, with more than 80 clinical trials involving 9,000 patients on a global basis6.

Triglide was introduced into the US market in 2005 based on a unique formulation to optimize absorption of the medication into the body.


Over 80% of fenofibrates prescribed in 2016 were for doses between 134mg and 200mg per day. Triglide’s 160mg once daily dose falls in-between the most common dosing range for fenofibrates2. Additionally, Triglide is specially formulated and uses advanced IDD®-P Micro-Particle technology to optimize its bioavailability in a tablet form. Triglide® 160mg tablets show comparable bioavailability to single doses of 200mg fenofibrate capsules, micronized1.


Today’s adult patients on one or more medications typically have to think about when they should take each of their medications, and if medications require fasting, food, or specific intervals after meals. Triglide’s single tablet, 160mg dose can be taken any time of day, with or without food.


Casper Pharma has made Triglide® more affordable for patients concerned about the costs of medications. As a physician, you can offer your patients FREE 30-day trials and eleven discounted 30-day refills at just $10/refill. That’s an entire year’s worth of Triglide® for $110 out of pocket. Savings cards can be presented at any retail pharmacy to receive FREE trial and discounted refills.

Download cards as needed to provide to your patients. Cards accepted at any retail pharmacies for eligible patients with commercial insurance. Not valid for prescriptions covered under Medicaid, Medicare and other federal or state programs.